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Kyoto Access Ticket

Kyoto Access Ticket

It is ticket which is convenient for movement in Kyoto-shi from Kansai Airport, and is advantageous. There is privilege that limited express ticket of airport limited express Rapi:t can use with reduced fare.

Ticket includes
Area of coverage
Nankai Electric Railway
Kansai-Airport Station → Tengachaya Station
Osaka municipal subway
Tengachaya Station → Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station
Hankyu Railway
Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station → Kawaramachi Station others
(from Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station section of \400)
※We cannot use the opposite direction.
※Except Tengachaya Station that is transfer station cannot stop over.
※The effective section of the Hankyu train is section of \400 from Tenjimbashisuji-Rokuchome Station.

Example: When we go via transfer, subway Sakaisuji Line to Kawaramachi at Tengachaya Station from Kansai-Airport Station

Normal fare \1,600 → Kyoto Access Ticket \1,230
※Normal fare (Nankai train \920, subway \280, Hankyu train \400)
Selling period From April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018
Validity period Preferred one (1) day from the day of purchase to the end of the next month
\1,230 (Adult only)
Selling Place Nankai Kansai Airport Station Ticket Office
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