Recommended sightseeing spots along Nankai Railway

  • Misaki Koen Amusement Park

    Let's go to Misaki Koen Amusement Park where you can touch and feed many animals!!

  • Let's go to Namba with Rapi:t.

    Let's go to Namba, the center of Osaka, with fast and cool Rapi:t!!

  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

    A sacred shrine where over 2million people visit during New Year's Holiday. The head quarter of Sumiyoshi Shrines where there are 2,300 in Japan.

  • Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko

    The facility where you can feel the life of Senno-Rikyu and Yosano Akiko. You can also enjoy making the tea.

  • Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum

    The facility where traditional crafts of Sakai such as knives, incense sticks, bicycles, etc. are collected. You can enjoy watching sharpening knives by the craftsman.

  • Kishiwada Castle

    The castle of Okabe family who once reigned Kishiwada area. "The garden of Hachijin" is very beautiful.

  • Wakayama Castle

    The castle where Tokugawa familiy of Wakayama once lived. This castle has many exciting things inside, such as strange corridor, zoo and the tea room. You can even meet a Ninja here.

  • Medetai Train

    Medetai Train is the train of cuteness and love. You can meet this train only here.

  • Kada

    Kada is a town located by the sea. This town has long history and a great scenery. Onsen with the great view is fascinating.

  • Amami Nantenen

    The "Heaven Onsen" surrounded by the mountain will sure refresh your minds. Enjoy the delicious meal as well.

  • Kudoyama-Sanada Museum

    Enjoy Sanada Familiy's life who lived in Sengoku era (the period of war).

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